Smart Watch Online Payment/Reward Tracker App Concept:

An idea for a payment app that also keeps track of your restaurant / store rewards. Inspired by Adobe XD Daily Challenge January 2019

I use my phone not only to pay for meals out, but I also have separate apps for each restaurant to keep track of their respective rewards programs. Even though each restaurant app has some kind of way to pay by a QR code, sometimes the QR codes don't work when you go to pay because their reader is down, and keeping track of rewards can be a hassle. It's a lot of apps! Moreover, most of the apps are powered by the same software.

For this wearable solution, payment and reward tracking for multiple restaurants are all in one app. The home screen is sorted according to which restaurant has a reward available. There is also a button which would search according to a user's location.

When a user selects for a reward, a secondary payment option would appear. The user would pay and have an option afterwards to send the payment info to an expense recorder.

A video demonstration is below as well as an interactive prototype. Thanks for looking.

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