I have been using Illustrator since the late 90s and the one thing I have found when talking to other designers is that they all have their bag of hidden Illustrator tricks.

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful program and is useful for all kinds of design scenarios, from app design to animation and everything in between. Because it is so powerful, a lot of its best features can be hidden to both new and experienced users.

This ebook is (some of) my bag of Illustrator tricks.


This ebook contains a lot of those tips and tricks for Adobe Illustrator, from a professional designer who has used Illustrator every day for years. In a twist, these tips and tricks for using one of the most powerful visual programs available are explained in a visual way. Anyone, from Illustrator novices to experts, can find something here to save them time and trouble. This is ideal for visual learners or anyone interested in learning more about graphic design.

If how-to menus and help files put you to sleep, this ebook is for you. ZIP includes two formats: a PDF and an EPUB. Purchase

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