This project was part of the February 2019 XD Daily Challenge.
Day 1: Design System
My design system is inspired by 1970s R&B and soul music (e.g. "Tell Me Something Good") because I have yet to see a music player with that particular retro look and feel. Since I started using bluelight blockers, I've been appreciating retro colors more.
Day 3: User Flow
I wanted to keep the user flow relatively simple, but I wanted to focus on creating, editing, and removing playlists, all while allowing music to continue playing uninterrupted. I also wanted to allow for music discovery, as inspired by Spotify's curated playlists:
Days 5+: Building and Animating Prototype
Like music in the 1970s, I wanted to emphasize albums in the mobile experience while also giving users the ability to play songs and build playlists, as they expect today.​​​​​​​
Interactive prototype below and online here

Icons from Typicons

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