This project was part of the February 2019 XD Daily Challenge.
Day 1: Design System

My design system is inspired by 1970s R&B and soul music (e.g. "Tell Me Something Good") because I have yet to see a music player with that particular retro look and feel. Since I started using bluelight blockers, I've been appreciating retro colors more.
Day 3: User Flow

I wanted to keep the user flow relatively simple, but I wanted to focus on creating, editing, and removing playlists, all while allowing music to continue playing uninterrupted. I also wanted to allow for music discovery, as inspired by Spotify's curated playlists:

Days 5+: Building and Animating Prototype

Like music in the 1970s, I wanted to emphasize albums in the mobile experience while also giving users the ability to play songs and build playlists, as they expect today.

Interactive prototype below and online here

Icons from Typicons

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