Prototype built in XD to show an idea for a contextual in-flight mobile app.
Inspired in part by the Movie App May 2019 Adobe XD Creative Challenge.
I wanted to solve a real-world problem that I have observed: in-flight entertainment apps are moving to everyone's mobile devices, and it is hard to find and play movies and TV shows sometimes.
Some longer flights also go to destinations that I would like to research while in-flight, including learning the language, if applicable.
This concept is for an in-flight entertainment system on the way from Washington DC to Paris. It puts links to French content front and center, but everything available is accessible from the entertainment main menu on the bottom.
Also note that the background and weather information change depending on the time and conditions at the destination. ​​​​​​​
Video demo is here, interactive prototype is here and below.

Photo credits: Augustin DeMontesquiou, Fabrizio Verrecchia, Michael Fousert, all on Unsplash. 

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