Pill Minder: Application

This is an everyday problem: people are prescribed medications and don’t know and aren’t really told how to better fit these into their lives. This leads to potentially ineffective and lethal interactions with not only other drugs, but other everyday activities like eating and taking vitamins. 


This would ping a database of drugs and note their interactions. In my example, when taking a thyroid hormone one must avoid food for a half hour and multivitamins for 2 hours. This has to fit into the schedule of the person taking the drug. User can opt to have push notifications to tell them when doing certain things are ok. Data points would be shown in the app as a calendar by default.

Other scenarios could be telling the app that you took a cold medicine that advises to avoid alcohol for a certain amount of time. There are other drugs that advise to avoid common foods such as grapefruit. 

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