Pet Store Case Study: #XDDailyChallenge March 2019

I chose saturated colors, lowercase text, and whimsical images for this project for a friendly look and feel. In this case, the user is already logged in. The username is the pet's name.
Design System:
The homepage incorporates a 3-panel carousel, a complex dropdown menu for "Shop by Pet", and a popup live help.

For the products there is a quick add to the cart as well as a product detail page with more product choices.
Product Detail Page:
Shopping Cart:
Thank You/Survey Page Flow:

The thank you and survey pages incorporate bright images and GIFs.
Mobile Layout:

The mobile version has menus on the top and the bottom. The shopping cart elements all go into a single column, with secondary actions such as entering a coupon code and changing shipping options as accordions.
You can go through the complete prototype here and below - thanks for looking!

Icon credits: FontAwesome 5.7
Photo credits: Jakob Owens/Unsplash; Ramiz Dedakov/Unsplash; Kira Auf der Heide/Unsplash; Charles-54221/Unsplash

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