Pet Store Case Study: #XDDailyChallenge March 2019

I chose saturated colors, lowercase text, and whimsical images for this project for a friendly look and feel. In this case, the user is already logged in. The username is the pet's name.
Design System:
The homepage incorporates a 3-panel carousel, a complex dropdown menu for "Shop by Pet", and a popup live help.

For the products there is a quick add to the cart as well as a product detail page with more product choices.
Product Detail Page:
Shopping Cart:
Thank You/Survey Page Flow:
The thank you and survey pages incorporate bright images and GIFs.
Mobile Layout
The mobile version has menus on the top and the bottom. The shopping cart elements all go into a single column, with secondary actions such as entering a coupon code and changing shipping options as accordions.
You can go through the complete prototype here and below - thanks for looking!

Icon credits: FontAwesome 5.7
Photo credits: Jakob Owens/Unsplash; Ramiz Dedakov/Unsplash; Kira Auf der Heide/Unsplash; Charles-54221/Unsplash

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